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Hi guys,

This is Ana-Love.

Please forgive the gamer over tone of this, but it was the only place I knew of that we could all come together other then
face book; I know it sucks that we can not really have our own profile; showcasing who we are, but I wanted us all to have another outlet other then Facebook in the event that Ana-Mia stuff gets banned.

Also, atleast here we will be able to open up forums and discussions without having to watch our backs in fear of having an account disabled and we will be able to reconnect with each other effortlessly if anything does happen.

I know it isn't facebook; but in the event we loose it, this may be the next best thing.

There is a fourms section, although I am not sure if you are able to open a new fourm, if not then send me a message and I will open a topic for you, but I am pretty sure you are able to make a new forum.

PS: When making an account and password, I have access to seeing your password, so please do not make it the same as your facebook password.

PPS: I may have to approve you as a member before you can have full access, I am working on a way to change it, but for now just bare with me, I'll have you approved in no time (like 8hrs or less)
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